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Rakesh truly is a man of his own making. His ability to convince not just one person, but a room full of people about any given subject is what marks him apart of a mob. Not only is he a man of razor sharp wits, but also excels at humor.

(Hindi) Unnao Rape Case – Critical Update

मीडिया द्वारा लगातार बिना तथ्यों के कुलदीप सिंह सेंगर पर आरोप लगाए जा रहे थे लेकिन अब इसी मामले में एक नया मोड़ आ गया है आपको बता दें सीबीआई को अपराध स्थल के साथ-साथ भारतीय जनता पार्टी विधायक कुलदीप सिंह सेंगर के स्थान और उपस्थिति को स्थापित करने में अब नई चुनौतियों का सामना करना पड़ रहा है जहां उन्होंने उन्नाव में 17 वर्षीय लड़की के साथ कथित रूप से बलात्कार किया लेकिन घटनास्थल पर कुलदीप सिंह सेंगर की [...]


सीबीआई ने पकड़ा पीड़िता का झूठ,पीड़िता और उसकी मां पर केस दर्ज देश भर में सुर्ख़ियो में चल रहे उन्नाव रेप केस में फिर एक नया मोड़ आ गया है। पीड़िता की उम्र शुरुआत से ही चर्चा का विषय रही है| कोर्ट में केस शुरू होने के साथ ही भाजपा से निष्कासित विधायक कुलदीप सिंह सेंगर ने एक बार फिर अपने निर्दोष होने की बात जज के सामने रखी। इसी के साथ इस केस के तथ्यों को फिर एक [...]


The infamous Unnao case is not without its share of twists and turns. Time and again the age of the complainant has been a topic of discussion in the newspapers and court rooms. With Kuldeep Singh Sengar pleading not guilty in the case, let us discuss why: Case has been registered against the Complainant and her mother for forging a fake age certificate. The CBI has also on record admitted in the Delhi Court that the certificate submitted to [...]

Janhvi Kapoor belly dances with her fitness coach to Akh Ladd Jave.

Actors today go to great lengths to stay fit. Gymming, pilates,strict diet regimen, yoga sessions among others are some of the ways they maintain their health. And then there are some like Janhvi Kapoor who also dance their way to fitness. In a new video, Janhvi is seen in the company of pilates instructor Namrata Purohit and can be seen belly dancing to the beats of hit song, Akh Lad Jaave from the film Loveyatri. Dressed in casual gym outfit, [...]

RBI to allow 24×7 money transfer facility under NEFT from December

The RBI has decided to allow round-the-clock fund transfers through NEFT from December this year in order to promote digital transactions. The decision, the Reserve Bank of India said, “is expected to revolutionise the retail payments system of the country”. Currently, the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) operated by the RBI as a retail payment system is available for customers from 8 am to 7 pm on all working days with the exception of second and fourth Saturdays of a [...]

Article 370 gone, Maharashtra plans to open resorts in J-K and Ladakh

With the abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35A, which granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir, the Maharashtra government plans to set up resorts in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. State tourism minister Jaykumar Rawal said that the state government has taken in-principle decision to invest in both Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. “The MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) will make an investment in both the states by buying pieces of land where the resorts will be opened to [...]

Kerala nun who protested against rape-accused former bishop expelled

A Catholic nun in Kerala said on Wednesday she has been removed from her position by the Franciscan Clarist Congregation (FCC) after she supported an agitation to arrest Franco Mullakkal, a former Jalandhar-based bishop accused of rape. Sister Lucy Kalapura said the decision to expel her was taken two months ago and she was forced to sign papers by FCC authorities on Wednesday. She said most of the charges raised against her were baseless and that she was asked to [...]

Young, tech-savvy DMK takes shape under Stalin, year after Karunanidhi’s death

It’s been a year since Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) patriarch and former Tamil Nadu chief minister M. Karunanidhi passed away, a death that put a big question mark on a party that seemed to be getting by solely on his political capital. But it’s been a year of metamorphosis for the DMK, now led by Karunanidhi’s younger son and chosen heir M.K. Stalin, 66. Since his father, 94, died on 7 August last year, Stalin has injected young blood into [...]

PM praises Amit Shah’s speech in Rajya Sabha

Home minister Amit Shah accurately highlighted the "monumental injustices" of the past and presented the government's vision for the people of Jammu and Kashmir in Rajya Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday after the revoking of Article 370. Sharing Shah's speech on his Twitter handle, Modi said the views put forth by the home minister were "extensive and insightful." "It accurately highlighted the monumental injustices of the past and coherently presented our vision for the sisters and brothers [...]

Modi’s anti-poverty schemes work. That’s why BJP swept the Lok Sabha elections

In recent years, the definition of poverty has moved away from calorie-based measurements and monetary values to those that take basic needs into account. This has led to new measures of poverty beyond the ‘below poverty line’ or World Bank ‘dollar a day’ standard. One such measure, published in the Global Multidimensional Poverty report, which goes beyond consumption and expenditure of the household, is a Multidimensional Poverty measure. It includes three key variables — health, education and standard of living. [...]

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