The infamous Unnao case is not without its share of twists and turns. Time and again the age of the complainant has been a topic of discussion in the newspapers and court rooms. With Kuldeep Singh Sengar pleading not guilty in the case, let us discuss why:

  • Case has been registered against the Complainant and her mother for forging a fake age certificate. The CBI has also on record admitted in the Delhi Court that the certificate submitted to them was fake.
  • There are three different D.O.B certificates of the complainant that the CBI found were used by her to file different cases. Two from different schools in Rae Bareilly and one from Unnao.
  • All the medical examinations of the girls including the one done in AIIMS Delhi have concluded that she was 18+ during the mentioned incident in 2017.
  • The medical certificate of the gang rape case registered by her in 2017 also mentions her to be 19+.
  • The Investigating officer had concluded that the age of the complainant cannot be established.

This is the medical certificate –

Meanwhile Sengar, an expelled BJP MLA, has been charged with the stringent POCSO Act, with the beginning of the trial, let’s see whether the age doubt still persists because in cases like this, age does matter.